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Equiliberty lowers the barriers to business by building wealth from the bottom up.

We help under-served and under-resourced communities grow and retain its greatest assets. Through our platform you will have access to educational modules each focused on a specific area of entrepreneurship/ business ownership. This transformational learning experience is designed in partnership with our advisors and subject matter experts to help ensure that you have the foundation you need to become financially independent as well as grow our families and communities. Our goal is to expand financial inclusion in the U.S. through access to credit. Many of us had to figure out these things on our own, we did it the hard way. We hope that by making your community more accessible, you are better able to build a future for growth.

why we're different

Existing programs focus on venture capital as a funding model, even as studies continue to show Black Founders receive less than 3%, Latino Founders less than 1%, and Women Founders less than 1% of VC funding. The key to strong business ownership, as well as raising communities from poverty is, creating and leveraging capital. Equiliberty does not focus on extractive resources or unicorn deals.  We teach people how to leverage what they currently have to grow more.  We lower the barrier of entry into business ownership by meeting people where they're at, with the goal of creating local economies that are vibrant, inclusive, and representative of the country's diversity. Equiliberty accomplishes this by serving as a social network for the business owner, but with tools.

our partners

Diversity Fund
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Houston, TX

MISSION: To liberate the skillsets, talents, and ideas of creatives and makers to grow sustaining, abundant, and impactful businesses that create wealth for their families and communities.

VISION: To end poverty bottom-up by showing communities of creators and makers how to use their existing resources and talents to grow into thriving businesses, create jobs, develop strong local economies and contribute to global prosperity.

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